My name is Chinwe Okpalaoka and I hope you get to learn more about me through my site.  I live in Columbus, Ohio where I wear several hats in the course of any day. I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, author, teacher and friend. As a woman, I advocate for women everywhere because the longings of our hearts resonate around the globe. We all want the best for our families regardless of our national origins. As an author, I read for leisure and write to give voice to the ruminations of my heart. As a teacher, I specialize in cultural diversity courses because the movements of people in the world today have led to culturally diverse classrooms. I believe we teach the whole child when we celebrate the wealth of cultural experiences children bring with them to the classroom. This is what bell hooks calls "engaged pedagogy"- teachers' and students' voices in mutual dialogue and engagement.

My Christian faith centers me within all these identities, so I also write about my spiritual journeys and how the hope that guides my work is anchored in Christ. Welcome to my world and make yourself at home.

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