Before the Throne of Grace:

Pressing Into His Presence, 31 Days of Daily Reflections

Before the Throne of Grace: Pressing into His Presence, 31 Days of Daily Reflections is Chinwe L. Ezueh Okpalaoka’ s first devotional, the outcome of personal notes from her study of God’s Word, and her life experiences and observations. The book title describes the posture with which she approaches God and His Word in her private study times. Devotionals like this one encourage the discipline of regular Bible reading and reflection and the author has included opportunities for reflection at the end of each day. The Holy Spirit is your teacher and He will reveal the enduring truth of God’s Word as you earnestly seek Him.
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(Im)migrations, Relations, and Identities​
Negotiating Cultural Memory, Diaspora, and African (American) Identities
by Chinwe Okpalaoka
The movement and dispersion of African ascendant peoples around the globe has been historically rooted in struggle and oppression. Whether through slavery, colonialism, or the economic fallout of both, we are always in a state of renegotiating and recreating identities wherever we have found ourselves in the Diaspora. In our displacement, contestations have arisen about which groups have the most legitimate claim to the continent of Africa. The issues that arise include naming (the names we bear and naming the feminist spirit in which Black women do work on behalf of each other), African identities (who is really an African?), cultural memory (how do the ways we remember and the things we remember shape who we are as African ascendant people?), and what methodologies best serve the work we do on behalf of African people. (Im)migrations, Relations, and Identities thoughtfully researches and discusses these issues.
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Engaging Culture, Race, and Spirituality*
New Visions
Edited by Cynthia B. Dilliard & Chinwe Okpalaoka
Engaging Culture, Race and Spirituality addresses a critical question rarely addressed in our conversations and the literature about race, culture and diversity: How might spirituality and our inner lives matter in teaching and teacher education that explicitly engages and addresses race and culture? In ways explicit and embodied, this book focuses on how engaging spirituality and the inner life can serve as radical intervention in our dialogues about race and culture in education. Gathered together are the voices of emerging young scholars whose thinking and research explicitly marshal theories of spirituality as critical interventions in their dialogues and discourses about culture and race in teaching and teacher education. Each chapter is followed by a scholar visionary who points to ways for educators and educational researchers to see the usefulness of such spirituality in engaging research, pedagogy and practices. Their collective visions – all deeply political, sometimes humorous, always insightful, and thoughtfully provocative – call us to a new way of thinking about the «evidence of things unseen», about spirituality in education as a site of profound possibilities for change, equity, and social justice.
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*This book won the 2014 AESA (American Educational Studies Association) Critics Choice Award.