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I am a Witness.

I am a witness.

God loves you! Sounds so cliché but it is so real, so pure and so true. This is a time-tested truth. I have known His love; I have experienced it. I am honored because He loves me (Isaiah 43:5). There is no other like Him- I am a witness. To demonstrate His amazing love, He chose us to know Him, to believe in Him and to understand that He is God all by Himself and there is no one that can compare (Isaiah 43:10).

Yes, I am a witness that from eternity to eternity, indeed from everlasting to everlasting, He is God. NO ONE can snatch you from His hands, no NOTHING! No one can undo what God has done and planned for your life. So, today, Holy Spirit is reminding us to forget the former things, the things that are past, over, done with and embrace with expectancy the new thing God is about to do. Even now He has already begun the good thing and I see it, I sense it. He WILL make a pathway in the wilderness and rivers in the dry places.

I am a witness.




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